Building online solutions since 1999

The Vistar Game…

We are in the game of creating standout online platforms to allow you to streamline your existing business processes and take full advantage of collaborating with your staff and clients in a single cloud-based system.

The Path of Least Resistance

We understand that its human nature for people to take shortcuts and this often competes with the organisation’s intent to ensure that that procedures are followed. Our strength is in taking complex procedures and simplifying them. Our usability auditors will take the time to understand your current systems and offer you options to streamline procedures so your start getting the results you want.

Mobile Apps

Taking your system to the mobile world can be a daunting task. Desktop systems don’t always translate to a mobile platform and our team is here to assist you making sure that your customer experience is a positive one and you still achieve your desired outcomes.

Data Management

Vistar specialise in data management. Not just the cloud based stuff (although we do that very well)… we are talking the serious stuff like (nerd alert coming up!!!) disconnected database replication, wireless mess networks and federated databases.

Geospatial Solutions

Vistar have specialised building enterprise level Geospatial solutions since 1996 working at all levels, from small basic setups to large scale Defence projects.

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